Free Home Owners Warranty

How to get a Free Homeowner’s Warranty when you sell your house.

I will pay for a free Home Owner’s Warranty for any home I sell that has a final price of more than $100,000.

Why do I do this, when no other realtor does? I buy a Home Warranty for my home owners, because it is a great marketing tool that helps you sell your home. It is also a way that I can thank by sellers for allowing me to market their homes for sale. Buyer’s want to know that if something goes wrong after they buy the home, that they will be protected.

A Home Owner’s Warranty is an insurance policy that covers most of the mechanical systems the are part of a home. There a dozens of H.O.W. companies. Most real estate agents ask their sellers to buy a Home Owner’s Warranty from an H.O.W. company that pays the broker a finder’s fee. I pay for the H.O.W myself, and only use H.O.W. companies that do not pay realtors a kickback.

Free Homeowner Warranty – Free H.O.W. is available with the purchase of any property with final price of $100,000 or more in the following areas:

  • Parma Real Estate
  • Seven Hills Real Estate
  • Brecksville Real Estate
  • Broadview Heights Real Estate
  • Sagamore Hills Real Estate
  • Northfield Center Real Estate
  • Richfield Real Estate
  • Independence Real Estate
  • North Royalton Real Estate

Offer subject to limitations, contact your Neighborhood Real Estate Team agent for details. To get a free Home Owner Warranty in a different area, contact Neighborhood Real Estate Team agent at 216-650-6915